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May 16, 2012

Tommy and Tilly #7

Prehistoric Tommy discovers his very first tickly sensations. Tickle plants were huge by that time.

The mean Tickle Monster can disarm even the brave and curvy Tilly warrior. Who's going to win this battle?

April 21, 2012

Tommy and Tilly #6

Tommy, the space explorer, tries to run away from Queen Tilly, who wants to marry him and make him one of the happiest tickle slaves husbands ever.

Do you remember an old GIF of Tilly, the cute librarian, in an awkwardly ticklish situation?

Here's a remake of it:

April 01, 2012

Tommy and Tilly #5

Tommy experiments a new trick from a flower pixie. Will he be able to stare at his own tickled feet?

A ticklish Tilly sketch. College classes never were so fun.