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September 28, 2011

Tommy and Tilly #4

Officer Tommy knows very well statues don't wear mask and also aren't ticklish, but he's just having fun.

Speaking of fun, poor Snow Tilly can't figure out how to scream for help while laughing.

September 12, 2011

Tommy and Tilly #3

This Tommy one is a request from Dramaboyish, a kind, longtime supporter who asked for a nipple tickling GIF, since the scenes where Tommy's nipples are tickled seem to be quite scarce.

And the Tilly one is a request from MisterDae (from Tickle Theater community), who asked for a remake of this tickling scene from my old website:

And here it is:

September 06, 2011

Tommy and Tilly #2

Seems like Tommy's enjoying some glove love on his helpless armpit and side.

Wonder Tilly can't save herself from the evil foot tickler.